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Acewell 4000 Series Digital/Analog Speedometers for Motorcycles

Acewell 4000 Series Digital/Analog Speedometers for Motorcycles RELEASE DATE: TBD 2009
Please call sales at 1-888-369-8359x2, to pre-order
or to be notified when they are ready to ship.

  • Needle tachometer and digital multi-functions in one. Displays needle tachometer, speedometer, clock, temperature, fuel meter, and digital gear indicator simultaneously.
  • Adjustable backlit LCD with 7 selectable colors.
  • Allows user to adjust odometer before 30 km, after which odometer is stored in memory even when off.
  • The Aluminum CNC main unit built in 4-6 LED indicators for different applications.
  • Three options for fuel meter input resistance: 100, 250, and 510 Ohm. The fuel gauge will disapper when unit detects that fuel sensor is not connected.
  • Universal tachometer input resistance options.
  • Universal speed sensing circuit for Reed Sensor and Hall Sensor.
  • Universal wheel circumference setting range: 1-3999mm.
  • Includes bracket, RPM sensing wire, Hall or Reed speed sensor, thermo sensor, fitting kits, and wiring harness.
  • 100 sets of LAP timer - data includes AVG, Lap, and Trip.
  • Excellent water-resistant, anti-vibration structure and noise immunity design.
  • E mark certified.

Needle Tachometer 500-20,000 rpm
Digital Tachometer 100-19,900 rpm, 100 rpm increment
Speedometer 2.4-399.9 km/h (248.5 m/h)
Temperature 1&2 +50°C-180° / 122°F-356°F
Maximum Thermometer +50°C-180° / 122°F-356°F
Trip Meter 1&2 0.0-9,999.99 km/m
Odometer 0.0-99,999.9 km (0.0-62,499.9 m)
Maximum Speed 2.4-399.9 km/h (248.5 m/h)
Average Speed 2.4-399.9 km/h (248.5 m/h)
12/24 Hour Clock 0:00:00-11:59:59/23:59:59
Riding Timer 0-99:59:59
Total Riding Timer 0-9,999:59:59
Voltage Meter 6.0-36.0 V
Lap Timer 100 LAP, keeps AVG & LAP in memory
Digital Gear Indicator n-8 Gears
Fuel Meter 7 BARS

Additional Specifications:
  • Power Input: DC 12V
  • Speed Sensor: Hall-Effect or Reed Sensor & Magnet
  • Tachometer Input: CDI or Ignition Coil Signal
  • Temperature Sensor: Thermo Sensor
  • Wheel Circumference Setting: 1mm-3,999mm (1mm increment)
  • Dimensions: 3.15" Diameter x 2.68" (80mm x 68mm)

Universal Motorcycle Speedometers - Buy Online

An Acewell Computer MUST HAVE a "pick-up" cable. Please see the chart below to see which one is appropriate for your bike. The "S" cable is the standard universal cable.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us toll-free at: 1-888-369-8359.

ACE-4153-AB BUY / INFO*:  S  |  S4  |  S5  |  S6  |  S7  |  S10
ACE-4153-AC BUY / INFO*:  S  |  S4  |  S5  |  S6  |  S7  |  S10
ACE-4253-AB BUY / INFO*:  S  |  S4  |  S5  |  S6  |  S7  |  S10
ACE-4253-AC BUY / INFO*:  S  |  S4  |  S5  |  S6  |  S7  |  S10

*Be sure to choose the matching cable kit for your motorcycle. See the chart below.

Speedometer Cable S Speedometer Cable S Image Universal Speed Sensor cable with Magnet Pickup for use on any motorcycle.
Speedometer Cable S4 Speedometer Cable S4 Image Speed Sensor cable for Honda CRF-X, Yamaha WR and KTM motorcycle models.
Speedometer Cable S5 Speedometer Cable S5 Image Speed Sensor cable for Honda XR650R motorcycle models.
Speedometer Cable S6 Speedometer Cable S6 Image Speed Sensor cable for Suzuki DR-Z motorcycle models.
Speedometer Cable S7 Speedometer Cable S7 Image Speed Sensor cable for various Suzuki motorcycle models.
Speedometer Cable S10 Speedometer Cable S10 Image Speed Sensor cable for various Suzuki and Kawasaki motorcycle models.

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