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Dirt Bike StatorThe electrical system on a dirt bike is often simple compared to a street bike. Many OEM electrical systems only provide power to run the ignition system, but we have a huge range of direct replacement stators that also offer lighting output. For more information on stators and how they work, please check out our stator technical article.

On most motocross style bikes, the headlight runs with alternating current (AC). The stator used in these bikes must be redesigned to provide power for the lights. Some dirt bikes, typically dual sport, use DC instead of AC power for the headlights. Using an upgraded Electronicamotos regulator/rectifier may be necessary when installing a high-performance stator because of the huge increase in available power.

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Dirt Bike StatorMost of our stators are designed to be direct replacements to OEM. They include a full wiring harness to allow for easy installation and, when necessary, are mounted to an aluminum backing plate that matches stock. We work closely with riders and teams to discover optimum configurations. Through years of design and field testing we have found what works. We do not settle for second best.

* It is important to note that we often include upgraded features on our performance stators, and as a result, these stators may look slightly different than the OEM units. Directions should be followed when installing any replacement stator. In addition, some of the testing procedures used for OEM stators may not apply to our parts due to optimized windings.

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