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Street Bike Regulator/RectifierStreet bikes use a full DC electrical system almost exclusively. The charging system is made up of a stator, regulator/rectifier, and battery.

Motorcycles with batteries must convert the AC power from the stator into DC. In order to do this, the power coming from the stator must be converted by a regulator/rectifier. The rectifier actually converts the power from AC to DC, while the regulator keeps the power level (voltage) from going above the 13.8 -14.5 volts needed to power a standard 12 volt battery. It is important that the stator provides more power than needed by the motorcycle so that the battery will stay charged. If the motorcycle uses more power than the stator can provide, the battery will start to drain. This will typically happen if the voltage drops below 13 volts.

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Motorcycle Regulator-Rectifier Electronicamotos regulator/rectifiers are designed to be direct replacements to original equipment by using stock mounting locations and OEM style connectors. These parts are designed to handle higher power loads than their OEM counterparts and are recommended when upgrading a stator to a high-powered alternative. Our regulator/rectifiers are a cost effective solution to a blown OEM part and are engineered to prevent these problems from arising again.

* It should be noted that with any electrical part, it is important to follow the included directions when installing them. When mounting a regulator/rectifier, especially to a bike with upgraded lighting and stators, these parts will get warm and should be mounted to metal and should be allowed cooling airflow.

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