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CDI Ignition Circuit A capacitor discharge ignition, or CDI, is a powerful ignition system used together with the ignition coil to create the spark used to ignite the air/fuel mixture in a cylinder. CDI ignitions have become the system of choice due to their much hotter spark and ability to control spark timing through an internal computer.

Our range of CDI ignitions is growing quickly. These ignition boxes are one of the highest energy, best designed systems available. These ignitions feature Triple-Spark for stronger bottom end and midrange power, better ignition curves for high RPM horsepower, and higher rev limits.

Because of our relationships with race teams and riders nationally, we have had the opportunity to develop our ignition systems to a point where we know our customers will be completely happy with them. The huge amount of spark energy at the spark plug makes for easy starting, gives smooth power right off of idle, and prevents plug fouling, a common problem on two strokes.

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New CDI ignitions are being developed for both two and four strokes as direct replacement units. With the combination of our Triple-Spark technology and sophisticated computerized control, our CDI replacements are a major performance upgrade.

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