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Motorcycle StatorMotorcycles vary widely in shape and style but most have similar electrical systems. They use a stator to provide power, a regulator/rectifier to convert that power to DC and keep the voltage under control, and a battery to store the power. Street bikes typically use three phase power stators which are larger than their off-road counterparts. With substantial power requirements, especially with upgraded lighting and accessories, street bikes benefit from a high performance stator and regulator/rectifier.

As a result of extensive testing and working closely with riders all over the world, we have found the formulas that work to provide optimum power to our street bike stators. Most of our stators are designed to be direct replacements to OEM. They include a full wiring harness with OEM style connectors allowing for easy installation.

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Street Bike StatorWe strive to build stators that last and exceed our customers' expectations. We often include upgraded features on our performance stators. Changing winding specifications, wire size, and the number of poles that the magnet wire is wrapped around are only a few of the tricks up our sleeve for bringing the most advanced power generation to motorsports. Almost all of our stators provide a substantial power gain within the engine rpm ranges that it is needed most.

Our stators may look slightly different than the OEM units due to different winding configurations. Directions should be followed when installing any replacement stator. In addition, some of the testing procedures used for OEM stators may not apply to our parts due to optimized windings. For more detailed information about stators and how they work, please check out our stator tech article.

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