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The Power of HID Lighting - See a Full Comparison of HID vs Halogen


HID Hi-Lo Beam Comparison












You can see that HID Lights clearly outperform halogen bulbs, illuminating the road much better when driving at night.

Remember that once you go HID, you won't ever want to go back to halogen.

Electronicamotos Offers a Full Line of HID Lights for Motorcycles

ElectroSport's HID Lights for Motorcycles.

Here at Electronicamotos, we have over ten years of experience designing and manufacturing power and lighting systems for street and off-road motorcycles. Our high intensity discharge lighting kits are made with the brightest, most efficient lighting technology available. Electronicamotos HID kits contain bulbs that are far more powerful than OEM halogen, in most cases use less power, contain high quality digital ballasts, allow for extremely rapid starts, and include motorcycle specific wiring harnesses for easy installation.

Using less power than a halogen bulb, HID lights put out a shocking amount of light. Electronicamotos HID lamps are specifically designed to provide intense, color balanced light. Our digital ballasts, powered by a normal motorcycle battery, send high voltage power to the light. This causes a spark inside the bulb to light up a mixture of gases. Electronicamotos lamps put out a much brighter light than a halogen bulb and provide a more even lighting fill area for better visibility. With no filament to burn out due to shock or vibration, these lights last far longer than a standard bulb. Our lighting systems come with full wiring harnesses designed to plug right into the OEM plugs.

ElectroSport offers high performance HID lighting.HID lighting systems on the market are available in a number of different lamp colors. Because of the way that the human eye works, the optimum color for the light from a bulb is slightly green. To the naked eye, however, the light looks very white. Systems offering very blue lighting actually are not as bright, because the human eye is not as sensitive to blue as it is to green. In addition, blue light does not focus as well on the eye's retina as red and green, making it even harder to see objects in the distance. As lighting is shifted on the color spectrum toward yellow and red, the eye's sensitivity also drops causing things to look dim. A typical halogen lamp's output is an example of this. The optimum color temperature makes a huge difference for visibility and depth perception. Systems with high Kelvin temperature values are bluer while low Kevin value lamps are more yellow. Our HID lighting systems use Electronicamotos specific 4300K lamps and are made to our stringent standards. Lower quality lamps often change color quite drastically over their lifespan, drifting to a very blue tint causing gradually worsening lighting conditions. This problem is really bad on lamps that start out in the 6000K range which is already really blue.

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Electronicamotos kits are offered in both high and low beam applications. In fitments where a bulb is both high and low, Electronicamotoss motorcycle HID lamps adjust the beam pattern up and focus the beam to throw the light farther. Designed to closely match the OEM lighting patterns, these bulbs prevent blinding oncoming traffic in low beam. Our HID lights are night and day compared to traditional HID and halogen systems.
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