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Acewell Speedometers Overview

Electronicamotos is proud to be the exclusive USA distributor for Acewell aftermarket speedometers. These devices are high quality, fully functional computers packaged in a tough waterproof shell. We carry a wide selection of speedometer / tachometer combos and accessories for street bike, dirt bike, and ATV applications.

Acewell's full line of high-end aftermarket speedometers for street motorcycles, dirt bikes, and ATV's.

Acewell digital speedometers are built to take a lot of abuse. These computers use high quality electrical circuits, are resistant to vibration, and are safe in a waterproof shell. They are designed to withstand up to 8g's of vibration and up to 100g's of shock. Special seals and rubber grommets are used to provide a waterproof housing. These are so effective that Acewell computers can run under water for days at a time and will prevent the display from fogging up.

With speedometers ranging from small, basic digital computers to full featured gauges in addition to a range of mounting hardware, and sensors, Acewell has a computer that will work for just about any application. Speedometer cable conversion kits are available for many older applications that use a mechanical drive cable.

Street motorcycle speedometer models offer tachometer, high beam, turn signal, oil pressure, and neutral indicator lights. Some models offer temperature and fuel level guages. Back lighting and programmable wheel size are standard. A number of different finishes are available including chrome, anodized aluminum, and high impact plastic.

Dirt and ATV models offer many of the same features as the street models, including rugged, waterproof construction. Ride timers, large back-lit LCD displays for easy viewing in rough conditions, and easy to use rubber buttons are built in especially for riding in the dirt. The 3000 series can be upgraded with a indicator light bezel for dual sport conversions.

Acewell accessories include brackets, temperature sensors, speedometer cable conversions, and plug and play wiring harnesses for Electronicamotos Dakar kits and certain motorcycle and ATV models.

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