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Trad. Style 6024 Sealed Beam Headlight HID Conversion Kit, 7" Round
Trad. Style 6024 Sealed Beam Headlight HID Conversion Kit, 7" Round
Part Number: ESH6024
Price: $299.00


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Product Description:
Our 7" Sealed Beam HID Headlight Conversion Kit provides an amazing new experience for all of your off-roading adventures!

Our 35 watt, 4300K HID H4 high/low bulbs give you both a high and a low beam with a light intensity that measures three times the output of standard halogen bulbs! Our HID bulbs outlast standard halogen bulbs six to one. You can expect at least 3200 hours out of each bulb! The glass lens on this headlight assembly is optically engineered to provide a sharp beam cut-off to illuminate the trail ahead without blinding oncoming drivers.

Kit Contents:

2x Headlight Assemblies

2x Moving High/Low HID H4 Bulbs

2x slim-mount ballasts

Necessary Wiring

Necessary Mounting Hardware

Detailed Technical Information:
Each ballast requires approximately 35-40 watts of power.

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