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HID H7 Kit, Single Beam 4300K Dual Bulb & Ballast
HID H7 Kit, Single Beam 4300K Dual Bulb & Ballast
Part Number: ESHH7S-2L-2B
Price: $199.00

Product Description:
This Single Beam Xenon HID lighting kit features our slim ballasts, 4300K bulbs, and all the wiring / hardware needed to upgrade your vehicle's existing headlights.

High-voltage HID bulbs are far more efficient (3x brighter) and last up to 5x longer then traditional halogen bulbs! These 35 watt bulbs will last at least 3200 hours and rival 115 watt halogen bulbs in intensity.

Some may ask, "Why would you need them?" Most owners concur with the response, "Why would you want to drive without them??" Not only can you see much more and in "daylight" color, it is far safer. The difference between a close-call and an accident is often a split second. HID gives you the time advantage to keep your passengers safe, or drive crazier then ever ;-).


- 2x Slim Ballasts

- 2x Extension Cables (Bulb to Ballast)

- 2x Xenon High-Intensity Discharge (HID) 35 watt 4300K Bulbs

- 2x Ballast Mounting Brackets

- 2x Double-sided Adhesive Foam Pads for Mounting Ballasts

- 8x Zip-Ties

- English Installation Guide


Bulb Beam: Single Beam

Bulb Form Factor: H7

Bulb Color Temperature: 4300K

Bulb Wattage: 35watt

Ballast: Slim Form Factor 3.3"x2.5"x0.6" (85x63x14mm)

Ballast Power: approx. 40watt each

Connectors: All have triple rubber seals to keep out water and dirt

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