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HID 9-inch High Impact Plastic Light, Spot Beam
HID 9-inch High Impact Plastic Light, Spot Beam
Part Number: ESH9PL-SB
Price: $199.00

Product Description:
Traditional HID metal housings do not last long in ocean / water environments where corrosion is an issue.

This HID unit solves that problem. Its high-impact plastic housing is not affected by salt and water that would destroy typical metal housings. Its completely sealed internal electronics and wiring prevent shorts and corrosion no matter how much water you throw at it.

If you want to install an HID light on your boat and not worry about it, this is your ticket

Detailed Technical Information:
Housing Material: High Impact Plastic
Lens: Tempered Glass
Input Power: 12vDC, 35w
Bulb: H7 35W 6000K HID*
Beam Pattern: Spot Beam

*A 35w HID puts out approximately the same amount of light as a 110w halogen bulb. A color temperature of 6000K has a very slight blue tint.

Base Mount: Single bolt 1.25" long (32mm)
Tilt Adjustments: 117° range of forward/backward tilt in 9° steps (18° tilt forward, 99° tilt backward)
Tilt Lock: Tilt angle locked upon tightening the base down

Outside Diameter: 9" (229mm)
Inner Light Cone Diameter: 7.25" (184mm)
Max Width: 10" (255mm)
Max Height (with Base): 10.3" (262mm)
Depth: 6.4" (163mm)

Included Wiring:
Built-in Cable Length: 11" (280mm)
- 8.5' (2.6m) 16awg blue wire with 20A fuse in water resistant housing (connectors: ground tab, female spade)
- 12' (3.7m) 18awg red wire (connectors: female spade, female 4mm bullet coupler)
- 1' (0.3m) 18awg black wire (connectors: ground tab, female spade)
- 4' (1.2m) 18awg red wire (connectors: 4mm male bullet, 4mm female bullet)

Included Hardware:
- Washer, Split Lock Washer, Nut



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