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HID 8-inch Aluminum W/Blue LED Ring, Spot/Pencil Beam
HID 8-inch Aluminum W/Blue LED Ring, Spot/Pencil Beam
Part Number: ESH8PB

Product Description:
Electronicamotos's 8"ALL-In-One Built in ballast, Off-Road H.I.D. lights are rugged in design and put out a massive amount of Xenon bright white light with a trick blue LED halo. Perfect for all vehicles and makes a stunning accessory for any Truck, ATV's and UTV (Utility ATV's)

Technology: High-intensity discharge (H.I.D.) is a new type of lighting technology that replaces the old halogen bulbs that use heated tungsten filaments. H.I.D. lights operate more like vapor filled streetlights. They don't have a filament, but create light by "zapping" an arc between two electrodes. That arc ignites a different kind of gas usually Xenon, which in turn ignites metallic salts.

This unit offers the extremely far reaching "Pencil Beam" light pattern.

Warranty: One year.

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