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HID 7" High Impact Plastic Light, Flood Beam
HID 7" High Impact Plastic Light, Flood Beam
Part Number: ESH7PL-FB

Product Description:
Metal housings often have a problem with corrosion in wet or humid environments. This is especially true near the ocean.

Not only does this top notch HID unit flood the area with light, it is built to handle as much water as you can throw at it. Its high-impact plastic housing is unaffected by moisture or salt air. It completely seals and protects all the HID electronics and wiring. All you have to do is bolt it down, hook up the 12v power cables and you've got awesome light for years to come.*

HID bulbs typically last 6x longer than a comparable halogen bulb. The bulb lifespan is typically at least 3000 hours. HID bulb technology isn't affected by vibration. It creates light by electrically arcing through a sealed capsule of metal salt plasma. HID technology also yields approximately 3 times more light per watt than halogen. HID lighting comes standard for many high-end car manufacturers.

This is a very rugged, high-quality unit.

*typical usage. With 1 hour of night driving each day, the bulb should last 8-10 years before needing to be replaced.

Detailed Technical Information:
Housing Material: High Impact Plastic
Lens: Tempered Glass
Input Power: 12vDC, 35w
Bulb: 35W 6000K HID
Beam Pattern: Flood Beam

Outside Diameter: 8.25" (210mm)
Inner Light Cone Diameter: 5.75" (145mm)
Max Width: 8.25" (210mm)
Max Height (with Base): 9" (230mm)
Depth: 6" (150mm)

Base Mount: Single bolt 1.25" long (32mm) with Black Anodized Aluminum Base
Tilt Adjustments: ~117DEG range of motion forward/backward. (18DEG tilt forward, 99DEG tilt backward)
Tilt Lock: Tilt angle locked upon tightening the base down

Includes extension wires and a 20A waterproof fuse unit.

Included Hardware:
- Washer, Split Lock Washer, Nut




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