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880 Automotive / UTV 2 Bulb HID Kit (for 2 Headlights)
880 Automotive / UTV 2 Bulb HID Kit (for 2 Headlights)
Part Number: ESH880S-2L-2B
Price: $199.00

Product Description:
Here at Electronicamotos we want to make sure that you get exactly what you want. The stage 2 is our mid-range kit, for the riders who want the best but don't want to break the bank in doing so. The HID bulbs included in this kit have an actuator that switches the bulb between high and low beam. The stage 2 kit comes complete with our high/low single filament HID bulb, slim profile ballast, wiring extenders, and all the hardware you need to install the kit. Detailed and easy to read instructions that doesn't require a PhD to decipher, that makes installing this kit a breeze.

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