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Acewell 3950 Series Digital Speedometers for Dirt Bikes

Acewell 3950 Series Digital Speedometers for Dirt Bikes Features:
  • FULL Aluminum LCD Motorcycle computer with advanced functionality which includes analog and digital tachometer, coolant temperature, speedometer, various trip and speed functions and clock.
  • LED indicators for Hi-Beam, turn signal, neutral light, hazard lights and oil pressure.
  • BLUE backlit LCD allows for 2 rows of digital information plus an analog RPM bar-graph.
  • Odometer and total riding timer are stored in memory, even when the power is off.
  • Displays clock when unit is turned off.
  • Includes bracket, RPM sensing wire, speed sensor cable and fitting kits.
  • Includes temperature sensor and easy to install Temperature Sensor Tube.
  • Unit is completely waterproof, and handles vibration extremely well.
  • E-Mark approval.

Bar Graph Tachometer 500-11,000 rpm, in 500 rpm steps
Digital Tachometer 100-19,900 rpm, in 100rpm steps
Speedometer 1.5-187mph (2.4-300 km/h)
Trip Meter 1&2 0.0-9,999.99 miles (or km)
Odometer 0.0-62,499.9 miles (or 99,999.9 km)
Maximum Speed 1.5-187mph (2.4-300 km/h)
Average Speed 1.5-187mph (2.4-300 km/h)
12/24 Hour Clock 0:00:00-11:59:59 (or 23:59:59)
Riding Timer 0-99:59:59
Total Riding Timer 0-9,999:59:59
Voltage Meter 8.0-25.0 V
Fuel Meter 100 Ohm, 25 Ohm, 510 Ohm options. (Very universal)
Digital Temperature Meter 122°F-320°F (+50°C-160°C)
Maximum Temperature Meter 122°F-320°F (+50°C-160°C)

Additional Specifications:
  • Power Input: DC 12V
  • Speed Sensor: Hall-Effect or Reed Sensor & Magnet
  • Tachometer Sensor: CDI or Ignition Coil Signal
  • Temperature Sensor: Thermo Sensor
  • Wheel Circumference Setting: 1mm-3,999mm (1mm steps)
  • Dimensions: 4.9" x 3.1" x 1.1" (125mm x 78mm x 28.5mm)

Universal Dirt Bike Speedometers - Buy Online

An Acewell Computer MUST HAVE a "pick-up" cable. Please select the one appropriate for your bike. The "S" cable is the standard universal cable.

The Acewell and the cable will be added to your shopping cart.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us toll-free at: 1-888-369-8359 or online.

ACE-3962-AB   INFO  -  $229.00  -  S  |  S4  |  S5  |  S6  |  S7  |  S10
ACE-3962-AC   INFO  -     -  S  |  S4  |  S5  |  S6  |  S7  |  S10

Speedometer Cable S Speedometer Cable S Image Universal Speed Sensor cable with Magnet Pickup for use on any bike.
Speedometer Cable S4 Speedometer Cable S4 Image Speed Sensor cable for Honda CRF-X, Yamaha WR and KTM bike models.
Speedometer Cable S5 Speedometer Cable S5 Image Speed Sensor cable for Honda XR650R bike models.
Speedometer Cable S6 Speedometer Cable S6 Image Speed Sensor cable for Suzuki DR-Z bike models.
Speedometer Cable S7 Speedometer Cable S7 Image Speed Sensor cable for various Suzuki bike models.
Speedometer Cable S10 Speedometer Cable S10 Image Speed Sensor cable for various Suzuki and Kawasaki bike models.

We do not have specific model fitmet kits for this speedometer. Please talk to our sales or technical support at 1-888-369-8359 if you have any questions.

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