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Acewell 1500 Series Digital Speedometers for Dirt Bikes

Acewell 1500 Series Digital Speedometers for Dirt Bikes Features:
  • Displays speedometer, bar-graph tachometer, bar-graph fuel gauge plus one additional function at the same time.
  • LED warning lights for low-fuel.
  • Powered with either the internal CR2032 battery or the bike's battery.
  • Bar-graph tachometers with selectable 10,000rpm or 20,000rpm redline.
  • Fuel gauge includes 100, 250, and 510 Ohm options for fuel meter input resistance, as well as "fuel gauge off" mode.
  • Total hour meter and odometer are always kept in memory.
  • Universal wheel circumference setting range from 1 to 3999mm (157in, which is 4.2' diameter)
  • Allows end user to adjust odometer when the odometer is less than 30km / 18.6 miles
  • Includes bracket, RPM sensing wire, reed speed sensor, fitting kits and wiring harness.
  • E-mark certification (European equivalent of DOT)
  • Waterproof

Bar Graph Tachometer 500-10,000 rpm in 500 steps or
1,000-20,000 rpm in 1,000 steps
Digital Tachometer 100-19,900 rpm, in 100rpm steps
Speedometer 1.5-248.5mph (2.4-399.9 km/h)
Average Speed 1.5-248.5mph (2.4-399.9 km/h)
Maximum Speed 1.5-248.5mph (2.4-399.9 km/h)
Trip Meter 0.0-999.99 miles (or km)
Odometer 0.0-62,499 miles (or 99,999 km)
Riding Time 0:00:00-99:59:59
Hour Meter 0-9999:59
Total Hour Meter 0-99,999H
12/24 Hour Clock 0:00-11:59 (or 23:59)

Additional Specifications:
Power Input DC 12V
Tachometer Sensor CDI or Ignition Coil Signal
Speed Sensor Reed Sensor (Internal or Bike's Power) or
Hall Sensor (Bike's Power Application)</
Wheel Circumference Setting    1mm-3,999mm (157in which is 4.2' diameter)
Dimensions 4.3" x 2.2" x 0.8" (110mm x 55mm x 21.5mm)
Power Consumption 50uA in clock mode
1mA at ON status without backlight and all sensors off
2mA with all sensors on and without the backlight
15mA with all sensors on and 3 sec backlight
25mA with all sensors on and continuous backlight

ACE-1500, $119.95

Universal Dirt Bike Speedometers - Buy Online

An Acewell Computer MUST HAVE a "pick-up" cable. Please select the one appropriate for your bike. The "S" cable is the standard universal cable.

The Acewell and the cable will be added to your shopping cart.

Speedometer Cable S " title="Add Speedometer and S Cable to Cart" onmouseout="MM_swapImgRestore()" onmouseover="MM_swapImage('cable_s','','../images/speedometer-cable-s-64-active.jpg',1)">Speedometer Cable S Image Universal Speed Sensor cable with Magnet Pickup for use on any bike.
Speedometer Cable S4 Speedometer Cable S4 Image Speed Sensor cable for Honda CRF-X, Yamaha WR and KTM bike models.
Speedometer Cable S5 Speedometer Cable S5 Image Speed Sensor cable for Honda XR650R bike models.
Speedometer Cable S6 Speedometer Cable S6 Image Speed Sensor cable for Suzuki DR-Z bike models.
Speedometer Cable S7 Speedometer Cable S7 Image Speed Sensor cable for various Suzuki bike models.
Speedometer Cable S10 Speedometer Cable S10 Image Speed Sensor cable for various Suzuki and Kawasaki bike models.

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