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Acewell Speedometer Mounting Bracket


Speedometer Mounting Bracket


Your Acewell speedometer mounts off the top handlebar clamps. Most ATV handlebar mounting designs have two clamps, each with two pinch bolts, which screw down through the top clamp and into the lower

clamp holding the handlebar in position.

CHECK YOUR STOCK COVER: Most ATV's have some form of plastic

cover which snaps or is screwed in place to cover up the steering stem and handlebar clamps. The cover is used only for aesthetic purposes only and in order to fit the mounting bracket, you will need to 'Notch" out the plastic cover so it will fit around the speedometer mounting bracket. Note: Most ATV's have a similar  type of handlebar cover. You can notch out one side at a time when pre-fitting the speedometer mounting bracket. We recommend placing masking tape on the cover and drawing your notch lines with a pen.

CUTTING THE COVER: You can use masking tape and draw the

cut lines on the cover. After you have measured out and drawn the necessary cut lines, remove the cover from the handlebars. Then carefully cut the cover in the shape you have drawn for the notch. If you look at the photograph on the right, you can side the cut line and gray area we have noted on this particular model.

NOTE: It is recommended to cut the notch smaller, and work your way

into an opening that will be large enough to accommodate the mounting bracket. After your finished notching out the opening, use a piece of sandpaper to smooth out any sharp edges on the cover.


FITTING THE BRACKET: After you have an adequate notch cut out

for the mounting bracket to fit. Inspect the alignment of your handlebar clamp. Since the front part of the clamp is going to be raised up slightly because you will be inserting the bracket between the top and lower clamps, add a flat washer on the backside of the clamp as shown

below. This will allow the clamp to rest flat holding the handlebar in the stock position. Be sure to torque the pinch bolts to the proper specification and double check the proper operation of all controls before riding the vehicle.





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